Oct 2017 trip report

Doug writes:

There were 4 of us (2 older couples) spending three days in Suriname in Oct 2017 and we found your guidebook very helpful.

I reserved our rooms in Paramaribo’s Royal Torarica Hotel online and that was very nice.

I made our other sighsteeing plans through METS Travel and Tours and found them helpful and professional.

Through them, we had the services of Desmond Budhan, who also freelances as Desmond Day Trips (mdesmondb@hotmail.com) and were very happy with his services. We did a morning visit to Peperpot Nature Park (that was easy to walk, fruitful in the number of birds, monkeys and wildlife that we saw in such a short time).

He took us to an Indonesian restaurant in Blauwgrond for lunch and it was delicious and cheap and tasted as good as the ones that we remember from being in Sumatra many years ago.

We then had a full day trip with Desmond to Jodensavanne (which we found very meaningful and historical) and added onto that a trip to Afobaka Dam and the Brokopondo Lake that gave us a better sense of the size of Suriname and of the countryside.

We also went to Friday night services at Neveh Shalom Synagogue in Paramaribo and really enjoyed how different the religious services were from what we are used to in New York. It was Sukkot and we were welcomed by the congregation to join in the festive meal afterwards – very sweet. (It IS hard to find the entrance to the synagogue but the instructions in your book to approach on the street behind the synagogue where you must be let through a locked gate by a guard is correct.)

Also, before we left NY, we had tried to get in touch with Marina Da Costa for the Jodensanne Tour but, when we met her at Neveh Shalom Synagogue (by chance!), she explained that her email has changed, so she never got my emails. Her new email is info@da-costa-art.com.


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